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Did Sony and Toshiba conspire to kill HD DVD?

Did Blu-ray win because of unrelated business deals?

Although we promise not to bore you with too many stories about the demise of HD DVD this week, there's an intriguing conspiracy theory about the Blu-ray victory that's worth a quick look.

It concerns the suggestion that a recent deal done in Japan between Toshiba and Sony was somehow connected to the former's decision to stop making HD DVD hardware.

Chips with everything

In the immediate aftermath of HD DVD's demise, Sony announced the value of a deal that gave Toshiba its chip-making plants in west Japan for over £400 million. The new Toshiba plants will supply Cell processors and graphics chips for the PS3 as well as parts to various Toshiba items.

Although the sale was negotiated last October, the price was not revealed until after Toshiba agreed to give up on its high-definition format. Conspiracy or coincidence - you decide.