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Sony woos bedroom DJs with iPod decks

Two of these plug into one Sony LBT-DJ2i
Two of these plug into one Sony LBT-DJ2i

The company that invented the Walkman and shunned MP3 for years cements its position as a leading iPod accessory manufacturer with the launch of a hi-fi that supports no less than two of Apple's musical fruit.

The Muteki Xross Fade, or LBT-DJ2i as we prefer to call it, has docks for a brace of iPods (fourth generation and later, Classics, Nanos and the Touch).

There's a cross-fader with monitor cue and two-channel mixer to help you unleash your DJ'ing talents, or more likely make a dog's dinner mashing up Kid Rock and Dizzee Rascal. You can also use its scroll wheel interface to mix in beats from the CD player, line in, FM or AM radio, to the further delight of your housemates.

What no Memory Stick?

Plug in a USB key (does Sony have any proprietary formats left?) and you can even record your DJ talents for posterity - in MP3 format, naturally.The Fade offers a frankly worrying 450W of output power, via a pair of bookshelf speakers and a back-breaking (16.5kg) 7-inch subwoofer. The club-in-a-box should retail for under $500 (£270) when it hits US stores in September.