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Amazon Fire TV is now easier to set up thanks to update

Image credit: Amazon

When you're setting up a new streaming device on your TV, there are few things worse than having to type in your Wi-Fi password using a remote control.

Well, if you're thinking of buying the Amazon Fire TV you may not need to do that, thanks to two new updates that add simple Wi-Fi set-up to the streaming box, similar to that offered in Amazon's newer Echo speakers like the Echo Plus

Now, if you save your Wi-Fi password to your Amazon account, the Fire TV will automatically connect as soon as it detects the network, taking the laborious process of typing in your Wi-Fi password out of the set-up equation.

So what's the catch? You'll need to own at least one device that supports simple set-up already, like the Amazon Smart Plug or Amazon Echo Show. This is because you need to have previously logged into your Wi-Fi connection with a compatible Amazon device for the feature to work.

According to AFTV News, you'll also need to purchase your new Fire TV device from Amazon, as those devices come "pre-registered to the buyer’s Amazon account, which then allows it to pull down the customer's stored Wi-Fi password during its initial setup".

Supported Fire TV devices include the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, and the Fire TV Stick 4K – so, if you're thinking of purchasing one and you already have a compatible Echo device at home, you could be in for a pain-free set-up.

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