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Amazon Alexa adds reminders and named timers to keep you from forgetting stuff

After surpassing 10,000 skills earlier this year, Amazon is giving its Alexa digital assistant yet another ability, making it even more useful for everyday use.

Starting today, the assistant that powers Amazon's Echo smart speakers and other devices can now set reminders and named timers to help keep you on track.

With reminders, you can ask Alexa to remember something for the future —  whether it be to check on the oven in just five minutes or to send a card to Dad next week so that it arrives in time for Father's Day.

While Alexa was able to set timers before its latest update, the skill has now expanded with the ability to give each timer a name. For example, you can use two separate timers for doing laundry and then ask Alexa how much time is left for the "washer timer," as opposed to the "dryer timer."

Reminders and specified timers are rolling out today to Alexa users in the US and are expected to reach other regions over the next few weeks. Alexa users can anticipate even more useful skills heading their way in the coming months, such as voice notifications for certain skills and hands-free calling.

Via The Verge

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