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17-year-old Virgin (Mobile) celebrates birthday by stripping (20%) off (prices)

If you’ve already got a handset and are looking for your next mobile plan, Virgin Mobile is offering some decent savings to celebrate its birthday.

SIM-only 12-month contracts are 20% off, saving you up to $12 a month (or $144 over the life of the contract), and month-to-month SIM-only plans are 15% off. For a comprehensive comparison of all the discounted plans, check out this chart and save yourself some serious dosh.  

All Virgin Mobile plans come with unlimited national calls and texts, and an extra 20% off means you could end up with 5GB of data on a 12-month plan for $24 rather than $30. If you want to go month-by-month the savings aren't quite as extreme but they're certainly still decent, with plans starting at $25.50 for 2.5GB.

This offer will last for about a month, ending November 8, 2017, so you have a little bit of time to ponder the savings.