Your Fitbit Charge 4 is getting a big update and new app features for free

Fitbit Charge 4
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Fitbit is rolling out new in-app features for some of its most popular watches, with a special bonus for owners of the Fitbit Charge 4.

If you have a Fitbit Charge 4, Versa 2 or Inspire 2, you'll soon be able to see trends from the past week in the Fitbit Health Metrics dashboard on your phone. This will allow you to track changes in your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), skin temperature and other measurements over time,

Data is shown on a series of graphs, allowing you to easily spot patterns and trends, and compare them with your activity, sleep and other lifestyle data to see what factors might be affecting them.

This data is already available to owners of the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 (the company's two flagship smartwatches) but will be rolling out more widely over the coming weeks.

If you have a Fitbit Premium subscription, you'll also be able to see your own personal ranges within the Health Dashboard, allowing you to see fluctuations in your typical levels.

Coming to a wrist near you...

Owners of the Charge 4 are also in for another update, with the ability to see SpO2 data right on their wrist without opening up the app. Again, this feature is rolling out globally over the coming weeks.

Bear in mind that the SpO2 feature is for general wellness purposes only. It isn't intended for medical use, and if you're worried about the results, you should speak to your doctor.

The Charge 4 ranks highly in our list of the best Fitbits you can buy right now, thanks to its slim design and on-board GPS, which means it can track runs, walks and bike rides without the need to carry your phone. That's a rare feature for such a small and affordable fitness tracker, and the ability to see SpO2 readings at a glance makes it even easier to recommend.

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