You still can't use one of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2's key features

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 didn't offer a huge upgrade over the original device, but the core reason to buy it was the introduction of an ECG monitor that still doesn't work.

Samsung had said the Galaxy Watch Active 2 would have its ECG (electrocardiogram) monitor activated by a software update by the end of the first quarter of 2020, but it has now confirmed it will not reach that deadline.

A post from a Samsung representative has confirmed this on the Samsung Community forum, saying that the team needs more time to be able to ensure the feature can "provide stable service".

The team cannot currently share an update on when the upgrade will land on the watch, and we'll get a new release window in the future.

Some online have been upset about the lack of the feature. The watch has now been out for seven months, and it's a frustrating situation if it was the core reason you upgraded to the latest Samsung smartwatch.

Alternative wearable devices do allow you to use an ECG feature though. Both the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 are capable of it, plus there's the Withings Move ECG if you need an alternative that works with your Android phone.

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