You can now Keep Up With the Kardashians on Xbox Series X

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NBCUniversal’s reality TV streaming service, Hayu, has launched an official partnership with Xbox, allowing players in 22 regions access to top US reality shows straight from their consoles. 

The subscription-based platform, which is coming soon to the Microsoft Store, will offer Xbox One and Series X owners the chance to stream new episodes of reality TV the very same day they air in the US. 

Franchises including Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Real Housewives, Below Deck and Million Dollar Listing will be available to watch on Xbox consoles at launch, with the service available for £4.99 (AU$6.99) per month, with a one month free trial. 

Hayu will join the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Hulu as part of the plethora of on-demand streamers available to download on Xbox consoles, though it will be the first of those services to not appear concurrently on PS5.

The UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are among the 22 regions set to benefit from the streamer’s addition to the Microsoft Store, alongside several non-European countries including Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Boasting over 8,000 episodes of reality TV content covering genres from cooking and dating to crime and fashion, Hayu is the first all-reality subscription service of its kind. As mentioned, new episodes of most shows will typically become available on the same day as they air in the US, so Xbox owners can now stay abreast of all the unscripted drama as it unfolds across the pond. 

Analysis: Advantage, Series X?

Given that Hayu’s arrival on Xbox consoles represents an exclusive partnership deal, the Series X now has – technically speaking, at least – more entertainment options than the PS5.

Admittedly, this won’t do much to ruffle the feathers of PS5 owners who can already enjoy many of the same on-demand streamers as those on Series X, but the deal nonetheless marks a small win for Microsoft in its continued attempts to one-up its rival. 

It’s also a major win for Hayu, helping to expand its viewing audience beyond the US. “This exciting partnership with Xbox – Hayu’s first console partner – extends our distribution to more devices and makes the service even more accessible,” Managing Director of the service, Hendrik McDermott, said in a statement. 

“Through Xbox’s industry-leading range of consoles and the Microsoft Store on Xbox, reality fans can enjoy a seamless and convenient viewing experience of the best reality TV – all through one entertainment hub.”

It’s still up for debate whether the Series X has kept up with the PS5 since launch, but its owners will soon be able to Keep Up With the Kardashians, at least.

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