You can now get 40% off Malwarebytes Premium in this new antivirus deal

Malwarebytes Premium antivirus deal
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Okay, so it's not the most exciting product to drop your hard-earned cash on in December, but antivirus and online security is an essential purchase.

Clearly Malwarebytes wants you to start 2021 right, offering a delicious 40% off both its premium packages in the name of online safety. As antivirus deals go, then, this is a good one, and certainly softens the blow of spending money on something, well, kind of boring.

Saving $16 off its usual annual rate, you can get Malwarebytes Premium for just $23.99 a year, down from $39.99. Noted as protecting you against real-time threats, ransomware, and detecting harmful sites, this package covers you on one device across a number of operating systems.

Weighing in on the Christmas sales, these prices are well worth a look.

Save 40% on Malwarebytes antivirus deals:


Malwarebytes Premium: 1 year on 1 device | $39.99 $23.99 | Save 40%
Available to load your choice of Windows, Mac, Android device or Chromebook, Malwarebytes pledges to protect you against real-time threats, as well as ransomware. It'll flag up suspicious websites, as well as clearing and removing malware it might detect on your system. Now almost half the price, this is a great deal to snap up this festive season.


Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy: 1 year on up to 5 devices | $99.99 $40 | Save 40%
Pay more and get even better protection with Malwarebytes' Premium and Privacy package. Able to protect up to five devices, this package also comes with a VPN, allowing you to encrypt your browsing data and shift geo-locations to access geo-locked content. This comes in addition to to its antivirus features.

Is Malwarebytes antivirus deal worth it?

While it doesn't make it in to our top five very best antivirus software programs out there, this could still be a decent choice for those who want a low maintenance piece of security software.

Malwarebytes benefits from a straightforward installation, you can sit back and rest assured that it'll do its thing in the background without much input from you. For tasks like running a scan, it really is as simple as pressing a button with Malwarebytes' intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Malwarebytes for Mac

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Speaking of which, Malwarebytes' scan is beautifully efficient, targeting key areas to ensure a substantial scan that gives a wider picture without waiting hours for it to finish trawling through your entire system. Complete in a swift seven minutes when we put it through its paces, you also have the ability to pinpoint files you wish to scan with Custom Scan.

Malwarebytes' URL filtering feature also makes day-to-day browsing safer with the ability to detect and block any suspicious websites before you well and truly land on anything malicious. With a number of settings to toggle on and off, you can adjust different layers of protection, though we'd recommend taking a deep dive into what some of these confusing layers actually mean before you open yourself up to something nasty.

Available to download across a number of operating systems, Malwarebytes is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook, as well as offering an iOS app in the App Store for iPhones.

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