You can already pre-order an iPhone 14 - if you've got a spare $10,000

Caviar's Champagne Rose iPhone 14
(Image credit: Caviar)

While excitement grows for the iPhone 14, we can say pretty confidently that Apple hasn't started pre-orders for the thing yet. But that doesn't mean excited fans can't already put their money where their mouth is... if they've got enough of said money.

Custom iPhone maker Caviar has unveiled its iPhone 14 collection, with 13 different exorbitantly expensive spins on Apple's upcoming smartphone. They range from the $9,500 Champagne Rose model you can see above, with stingray leather and titanium, up to a $22,620 Gold Champagne Crystal model which includes loads of gold jewelry as well as nine diamonds.

Most of these devices are limited-run ones, with only 99 or so models being made. You can choose whether to get an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max version - the latter bumps the price up by even more.

It's worth pointing out that the iPhones shown in these pictures probably aren't accurate to what the iPhone 14 will look like - they seem based on the iPhone 13 Pro. Caviar is likely just using this mobile as a placeholder to show off the designs.

Caviar is no stranger to wild, whacky and incredibly expensive smartphones - we've also seen the company make a $27,000 Steve Jobs iPhone, $8,600 dinosaur iPhone (with real fossil), $6,900 iPhone made from original iPhones, and many more bonkers creations for people with too much money.

If you're interested in these new models - and have huge amounts of money to burn - you can pre-order them right now, however it's not clear whether you'll receive the phone as soon as the iPhone 14 goes on sale, or later.

Analysis: probably not your only way of getting an iPhone 14

If you're super excited for the iPhone 14 but don't have a cool $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can easily ignore Caviar's offerings.

The existence of these phones won't affect the availability of the final models, and you'll still have ample time to pre-order those if Apple follows its usual pattern of making them available for pre-order a week or so before they go on sale.

If you do have the money for these expensive iPhones - and have run out of charities to donate to or people to help - maybe you might enjoy the most indulgent mobile you'll ever see. But there are probably better things to buy than a gold and diamond iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Tom Bedford

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