This iPhone 13 Pro case literally has bits of real dinosaur in it

iPhone 13 Pro Tyrannophone
(Image credit: Caviar)

Usually we don't cover weird and whacky iPhone 13 Pro cases, because a diamond-encrusted gold-flecked shell won't protect your iPhone 13 Pro any more than an affordable alternative, but one has launched that we've got to show you.

Caviar is the big name in gauche - arguably tacky - iPhone cases, and it's just launched three new models for the Pro model iPhone 13s. The most interesting one - which you already know about because of the headline of this article - is the Tyrannophone.

Costing $8,610 (roughly £6,360, AU$11,680) for the iPhone 13 Pro version or $9,150 (about £6,760, AU$12,410) for the iPhone 13 Pro Max edition, the Tyrannophone has a big T-Rex on the back. However the eye of this dinosaur is made of amber, the gold parts are 24 karat gold, the head itself is made of titanium, and one of the teeth was formed out of T-Rex tooth.

Yes, that's real T-Rex tooth, presumably from a fossil, and it's 80 million years old. You can really buy a phone case with a T-Rex tooth in it. You can see the monstrosity here - only 7 are being made in total, as we'd assume the number of T-Rex teeth in circulation is pretty low.

There are two other cases in the Tyrannophone's collection. The first is the Monsterphone, which you can see here, which costs $7,760 (about £5,730, AU$10,520) for the iPhone 13 Pro and $8,300 (roughly £6,130, AU$11,260) for the Pro Max - this has a titanium build, 'composite scarlet material' in its pattern and is only being made in a run of 99. 

Finally, if you've got all the money in the world, you could buy the Teradiamond, which is available to view here and is being made in a collection of 18.

The Teradiamond is made of titanium, has loads of 18 karat engraved gold, and has a pattern made of 1,028 diamonds and 128 rubies. Yep, there are over 1,000 gems encrusted in the back of the Teradiamond phone case.

So how much does the thing cost? Well, hold onto your socks - it's $49,240 (around £36,380, AU$66,800) for the iPhone 13 Pro version and $59,700 (roughly £44,100, AU$80,980) for the Pro Max. That's an incredible amount - you could buy multiple great cars for that price.

Analysis: should you buy a T-Rex tooth iPhone case?

Unless you've got more money than sense, absolutely not, no.

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