Xbox Series X now comes in leather – if you’re into that

Xbox Series X
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If you’ve ever looked at your Xbox Series X and thought, “Damn, I wish it was covered in 100% genuine leather,” then we dread to think what the rest of your house looks like. 

Only joking! It’s not for us to decide what you find aesthetically pleasing, though we’d argue a leather-clad Xbox Series X is downright ridiculous, if not quite as daft as the $10,000 Gucci Xbox.

And yet here we are –  dbrand, the global leader in device customization, is selling leather skins for Xbox Series X in black, brown, and tan variants, so you can make Microsoft’s next-gen system look like a leathery rectangular cuboid. Unfortunately (thankfully?) no Xbox Series S skins are available.

Animal activists and vegans won’t be pleased to hear that these skins are made from bonafide cowhide. The website plainly states that “cows died for this”, as the skins are made from 100% authentic, full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide. 

The leather skins from dbrand aren’t just reserved for Xbox owners, though. You can also add leather trim to the glossy portion of your PS5, or turn your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con into items you’d likely find in a hunter’s cabin. 

You can cover your Xbox Series X for the princely sum of $69.95 (around £50 / AU$100, with free shipping worldwide), which gives you a front, back, left, right, top, and bottom skin. You also get a microfiber cloth to clean your conscience with.

Cattle royale

Leather Xbox Series X

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Despite the real-life cost of slaughtering animals, dbrands leather skins don't cost much more than Sony’s official PS5 covers, which are $54.99 / AU$84.95 (around £40) and are made entirely from plastic.

Sony revealed that PS5 owners will finally be able to customize their consoles in January 2022 with different colored covers, including Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple.

Sony secured a patent for its PS5 faceplates on November 16, 2021, but before it was granted, Sony prevented a number of third-party companies from selling its own versions of PS5 faceplates.

Leather Xbox maker dbrand was one of those companies, and was served a cease and desist order to stop selling its original ‘darkplates’, which were aimed at those who wanted a black PS5. dbrand responded by selling a different take on Sony’s PS5 console cover design called ‘darkplates 2.0’, which features a prominent fan cutout and a more svelte design.

The leather Xbox Series X skins from dbrand are limited edition, which means stock won't last forever. If you're determined to own a leather Xbox Series X, well, this will hopefully be your only opportunity to do so.

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