Xbox Series S restock: Walmart has it in stock for $299 – and it's going fast

Xbox Series S stock Best Buy
(Image credit: Microsoft/Future)

The long-awaited Xbox Series S restock is at Walmart, giving you some cheer for the new year. Yes, it's 2021 and we're still finding it difficult to find this console in stock.

Luckily, the Xbox Series S is just $299 at Walmart, meaning it's the normal MSRP, and not the inflated price that we've seen resellers charge for the Microsoft console.

Xbox Series S restock: $299 at Walmart – while supplies last

Xbox Series S restock: $299 at Walmart – while supplies last
This is the first console restock and the first good news of the new year if you've been eager to find the Series S in stock. It's the normal MSRP, too. No bundle required.

Your new Xbox console will arrive by Tuesday, January 26, according to Walmart's Xbox Series S page. That means you'll have it before the end of the month – if you're fast enough to purchase the system.

We've been tracking Xbox Series S restock since the November 10, 2020 launch and it's been nearly impossible to find in stock for more than a few minutes. In early December 2020, the shipping dates for the Series S were pushed into 2021. The pricier Xbox Series X remained hard to get, too.

All of this means the blue 'Add to Cart' button that sits beside the Xbox Series S on Walmart could disappear at any moment. If you hesitate, don't blame us on this one. We'll try to keep this page fresh with real-time updates on the Series S restock.

Matt Swider