World Sleep Day: big saving on the Muse S sleep tracking headband

Muse S
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Right now, you can get the Muse S sleep-tracking headband for just £281.99 at Amazon – a saving of £48 off the regular price. The deal marks World Sleep Day, and is well worth checking out if you ever struggle to nod off, or find yourself waking up groggy in the morning.

The Muse S is a soft headband that sits over your forehead, and connects to the Muse app on your phone via Bluetooth. As you settle down for the evening, the app plays your choice of gentle music and natural sounds, or a spoken 'journey' that helps you relax.

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Muse S:£329.99£281.99 at Amazon
World Sleep Day

Muse S: £329.99 £281.99 at Amazon
The Muse S is a soft headband lined with sensors that helps you practice guided meditation and mindfulness, eases you off to sleep at night, and tracks your sleep stages, duration and movement. If you struggle to sleep well, it could be exactly what you need to help you drop off more easily.

After you fall asleep, the band measures your heart rate and movement to track your sleep stages, and see how well you rested. All this data is presented clearly in the mobile app when you wake, along with suggestions for how to improve your sleep in the future.

Rest and relax

The Muse S is more than just a sleep tracker, though. When we tested it, we were particularly impressed by its meditation tools, which use biometric data from the headband to guide you into a more relaxed state. Some meditation sessions ask you to control your breathing, some aim to lower your heart rate, and others help quieten your mind.

Follow the guidance from the instructor and real-time changes in the background sounds will help keep you focused. Get distracted, for example, and the sound of rainfall will become louder, bringing your attention back.

Wearing the headband might take a little getting used to, but it's a great tool to help incorporate a little meditation and mindfulness into your day, ease you off to sleep at night, and see how well you're resting.

Not in the UK? Here are the best Muse S deals near you.

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