Zombie apocalypse: top 10 tech you'll need to survive

zombie apocalypse
Unfortunately, tech support won't be much help here

You've seen Night of the Living Dead, and maybe that sad excuse of a "zombie" movie with Brad Pitt. You've read Max Brooks. You've played Left 4 Dead. Heck, Robert Kirkman is probably your hero.

Thanks to pop culture, you're a bona fide expert on zombies and post-apocalyptic earth, right? So the real question is: would you be ready to survive against an undead mob?

Probably not, considering most of the fictional people barely made it out alive (nothing personal, we're not counting on ourselves either). But you might have a fighting chance after checking out our handy list of the top ten tech you'll need to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Aside from the obvious - firearms, blunt objects, sharp objects, first aid kit, more weapons and so forth - you'll need a lot of gear to help you stay alive in a world rife with hungry dead guys.

Tech is probably the last thing you'd think of packing, but just because the world's in ruins doesn't mean you have to give up your love of gadgetry, especially if each item is endlessly useful. Plus we love technology, so of course we're going to hoard tech-y stuff against, well, the zombie hordes.

This list is definitely debatable so we want you to sound off below in the comments and tell us your top pieces of tech you'd use to survive an undead infestation.

1. Iridium Extreme

Iridium Extreme

There are a few things on our list that make more sense for the early days of the zombie apocalypse when there's still hope for rescue. The satellites should still be up and running meaning an Iridium Satellite phone would be pretty dang useful to call for help.

The Iridium is sturdier than your average Apple or Android device so you can chuck your iPhone 5S or HTC One out the window since there's no way either one would survive an apocalypse.

You can drop the Iridium phone without worry, dunk it in water (to an extent like the Sony Xperia Z) and speak into a wind resistant mic, but the battery is alas, not solar. So dial with care and caution unless you thought ahead and have the next item on the list.

2. Eton FRX3

Eton FRX3

An Eton FRX3. What is this contraption you ask? Several things. Firstly, its a weather alert radio and just a plain normal radio. There probably won't be a bunch of storm warnings, but you can at least tune in for news updates.

Secondly, it's a portable charger that can charge your mobile device through a USB port - and if you're wondering whether or not it takes batteries, the answer is yes - but you can also use the hand crank as a manual charger, or the sun for solar energt. Nifty!

Since a contingency plan is key in the event of a zombie apocalypse, a shortwave radio wouldn't hurt either as you make your way towards a safe location.

3. Griffin phone and tablet case


OK, even though you'll have a satellite phone, we're thinking you'll still have a hard time parting with your dinky smartphone or tablet during the zombie apocalypse - so the next best thing to do is protect those suckers with some heavy duty cases.

Griffin Technology provides ample durability with an aptly named case: the Survivor. The company even consulted with the Department of Defense's military designs to make sure the cases perfectly hug your device in a zombie proof way.

Oh, and the cases are dust, shock, dirt and waterproof too, because you want your precious Apple/Android stuff to last through everything if you've kept it this long.

4. Olympus TG-2

Olympus TG-2

Yes, a camera is on our list. Why? To document your feats of heroism of course! Or to leave behind a record of your last days … either way, a good durable camera like the Olympus TG-2 oughta do the trick.

There's a built-in GPS that records your location and landmark info on photos, and an electronic compass which could come in handy. And if you feel like doing a full-on recording, the TG-2 also has 1080p high-def movie mode so whoever finds your camera can see the bags under your eyes and your dirt-crusted face.

It's also helpful that the camera is waterproof down to 50 feet, shockproof for drops from up to 6.6 feet, freeze-proof down to -10C (14F) and crushproof up to 22 pounds.

Basically, the Olympus TG-2 is a tough mother, and can withstand a lot. Just remember you'll eventually run out of memory.

5. LightCap 300

LightCap 300

With water in short supply, you'll need to pack up as much as you can carry and sip sparingly to make it last, which means you'll need a canteen. But who needs a normal canteen when you've got a LightCap 300?

Not only does it hold your water, it can be used as a solar powered lantern. Like we said, we like our tech to serve more than one purpose and this does the trick nicely.

The LightCap can give off eight-hours of light with four LEDs on a full charge and has a daylight sensor to prevent accidental battery drain. It's also only a liter but if you're by a body of freshwater you can use the following item to make sure you're safely stockpiled with water.