Zombie apocalypse: top 10 tech you'll need to survive

6. SteriPen


A water purifier is imperative and having a SteriPen could be the difference between life and death.

The SteriPen company has a decent sized collection of UV water purifying pens but the Freedom SteriPen looks like your best option.

In case you're not sure how the pens work, UV light is used to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses living in the water, making it safe to drink.

The Freedom is lightweight, compact and features an internal, USB-rechargeable battery that allows you to power up from an outlet, or the more survival appropriate portable solar panel. Just remember that the pen only provides 8,000 treatments.

7. Casio Pathfinder Solar Powered Watch

Casio Pathfinder Solar Powered Watch

Who needs to know what time it is when you're on the run, right? However, you can't go wrong with the Casio Pathfinder Solar Powered Watch for those days when you feel the urge to reconnect with human patterns and pretend dinner is still at 7:00 pm.

On the practical side, it's also worth noting that the Pathfinder is capable of being an altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, timer (and more) that's all wrapped up in a nice waterproof package, making it a pretty sweet deal.

Plus there's no need to worry about changing the batteries so it's one less thing you'll have to remember when raiding stores (or bodies) for supplies.

8. Night Vision goggles and binoculars

Night Owl Tactical Series Night Vision Goggles

It's nighttime, the scariest time of all because you can't see if that building is empty, or what's lurking in that open field. Traveling during the day is best, but you might find yourself faced with nighttime excursions, and as always, it's best to be prepared.

Flashlights are for the naive fools and draw too much attention. It's debatable dead eyes can see light, but you're trying to hide from hostile humans too. Get your hands on a pair of night vision goggles and you'll get pass anything (if you're stealthy enough).

Night Owl Tactical Series Night Vision Goggles is a mouthful that sounds a bit intense and looks like something out of a Tom Clancy video game, but hey, you'll have the last laugh after sneaking around a bunch of zombies, right?

Having night vision binoculars would also be a lifesaver and good addition to your supplies. Bonus: you can use both of these pieces of tech in the day too.

9. PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator


Don't think we've forgotten about food! Zombies want to eat you, but you've gotta eat too.

Non-perishables are your best bet in avoiding starvation, but you're definitely going to find food that needs to be cooked - like whatever animal you just killed.

The PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator is simply perfect for this situation. Not only will it cook your food, it's waterproof, fire-resistant, works any time in any weather condition - and it's super portable.

On top of that, the PowerPot is capable of cooking and charging electronic devices, simultaneously! OK, so you'll still need to put the pot over a heat source, but at least it has more use than a tin can.

10. Voltaic Array Solar Charger


You're probably wondering how all your electronics are going to stay juiced up when you're already busy worrying about finding a safe haven.

Well, the Voltaic Array Solar Charger takes care of two of your problems by providing decent backpack space for all your supplies on this list, and solar charging your tech. It's not the biggest pack you can have, but mobility is essential and a huge bag would just weigh you down (though there are other options out there).

Besides, the additional ten watts of charging would help quite a lot. Though if you feel like a bigger pack is needed, the solar section pops off and can easily be attached to something else.

You'll need a bit of time to charge up the panel itself but since you'll be trekking outside all day, that shouldn't be a problem.