TechRadar Tip Off: The best Valentine's Day tech deals

Romantic and actually useful tech

We always get cute (but useless) things for Valentine's. Why not give something sweet that'll last and won't sit around collecting dust?

For example, these neon pink Beats Mixr headphones are both festive and provide both great sound quality and durability that should keep your honey happy.

They're a bit pricey for $249 - but these prices are cheaper than anywhere else at the moment.

Update: If you do decide to pick up Mixr headphones, both Amazon and Target are offering $50 gift cards.

Neon pink Beats

Plus they'd be a great companion with an old school mix tape - or if you don't want to spend extra money on ancient relics from the past (c'mon, who has tape decks anymore?) try pairing the headphones with a special Spotify playlist your lover can listen to anywhere, anytime.

Capture every tender look you give each other during your magical moments. Also, cameras are just really cool - you can't go wrong with cameras.

The Nikon D3200 is the best beginner DSLR, and lucky for you, it's on sale at $100 cheaper than its original price.


A camera with 24 million pixels at entry level is pretty extraordinary, and the extra pixels don't come at the cost of a reduction in image quality - meaning every picture you take of your honey (or whatever) will look amazing.

How does an extra 32GB memory card, a three filter kit and a camera bag sound? Expensive? Well, they're all free once you've plopped the D3200 in your cart.

Smartwatches are making a huge splash in the tech world but plain watches will always have a special place in our hearts - and tend to make great Valentine's gifts.

But if you're conflicted about what kind of watch to get, don't worry - there are plenty of both to choose from.

Galaxy Gear

Leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Then the Samsung Galaxy Gear is a logical pairing; both are handy and lovely to look at, plus fit together like a puzzle (hey look at that, we just gave you another line to use).

The recent Pebble Steel is also a solid choice. The first Pebble iteration proved to be popular and spawned loyal fans as newer smartwatches surfaced but the Steel removes the plastic and in favor of metal.

Pebble Steel

Of course most (or all) tech geeks are plain 'ol geeks at heart as well, so why not give a matching watch? The Tardis Watch below makes a great addition for the Whovian in your life - plus it's on sale for $41.99.

Tardis Watch

More ideas:

Two words: Say Anything. Remember the movie with the iconic boombox moment? Recreate it and win over the girl or guy of your dreams - but whether it's with an 80s boombox, or a contemporary boombox, we have a feeling either would be swoon-worthy.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox may do the trick if you want the latter.

Jawbone Mini Jambox

Like its larger brethren, the Mini Jambox is cast from a single piece of anodized aluminum, and available in a selection of nine different bright, vibrant colors, with five different patterns drilled into the grill across the front of the speaker - perfect to make a declaration of love.

It's not the cheapest with prices ranging from $131-150 but it's not the most expensive either. In fact, if you don't have a working "vintage" 80s boombox already lying around, we bet you they'd run the same price on eBay.

Instant Lab

The Impossible Instant Lab is possibly one of the more pricier gifts at $299, but also one of coolest. Basically, the Instant Lab takes digital pictures from your iPhone and within seconds, prints out a polaroid.

Instead of simply Facebooking or Instagramming for the world to see, you can have your own private - and retro - gooey, adorable collection as pretty, glossy photos.

Wrapster Cord

The Wrapster Cord Organizer and Smartphone Stand is probably the cheapest thing on the list at only $2.99, but likely one of the most useful and needed.

Seriously, who doesn't get cords tangled all the time? You'd be a hero or heroine to the love in your life.

  • iPad cases are always nice (especially if an iPad is in it).
  • The Mophie Space Pack charges your phone but gives you more memory too.
  • For the fitness nut in your life, you can't go wrong picking up a Fitbit Force.
  • The Google Chromecast dongle is adding more and more apps meaning it's better than ever - and still affordable.