TechRadar's best kit of 2010

Tech of 2010
Our favourite tech of 2010, as reviewed on TechRadar

We review a lot of products each year here at TechRadar, putting each and every one through its paces thoroughly to ensure we give you the best possible advice.

Now we're at the end of 2010, it's time to look back at the very best kit we saw. These are our picks of the most impressive examples of each type of tech, and are the ones we'd happily spend our own money on.

TV - Philips 21:9 Platinum 58PFL9955H

Philips 21:9

Philips' flagship HDTV is admittedly pricey at £4,000, but you get some incredible performance for that money. Listing all of the features of this TV would take forever, so let's just say that the 21:9 aspect ratio (which is perfect for movies), 58-inch screen, direct LED backlighting and 3D capability all come together to make the most visually stunning screen you can buy. It's simply the ultimate home cinema TV.

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Blu-ray player - Sony BDP-S370

Sony bdp-s370

With this Blu-ray player, Sony seems to have found a balance of price and performance we never thought possible. It boasts nearly flawless HD pictures, remarkable upscaling skills of regular DVDs and the ability to play high-quality HD on-demand content from BBC iPlayer – and you can find it for only a little more than £100 these days.

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Freeview receiver - Humax HD-FOX T2

Humax hd-fox t2

When we first reviewed this Freeview HD receiver back in February, we were pleased with its general performance, but couldn't help but be disappointed at the lack of recording capability. Humax has since added a firmware update that enables you to add an external hard drive to record, nailing that problem beautifully. In fact, we're even told that Humax will throw in a free hard drive, making this box almost impossible to resist.

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