Phone text messaging leads to divorce

Watch what you text - especially if the other half has prying eyes

A Korean woman has filed for divorce after she found out her husband had been texting "flirtatious messages" to an ex-girlfriend.

The woman, named only as Shin, started monitoring her husband's phone after she became suspicious that he was having an affair.

Textual relations

The husband, a 31-year-old man named Park, tried to hide his phone affair with his ex-girlfriend by changing her name on his phone to that of a man.

Shin, however, was savvy enough to realise that the texting was still going on and within six months both parties filed for divorce.

It was the woman who won the divorce case, even though she was looking at her other half's phone without consent, and had even set up a file on her computer titled 'husband observation'.

The court case statement said: 'Park broke the trust between husband and wife by not severing relations with his former lover. Shin's monitoring of Park's life was a consequent countermeasure to uncover the husband's extramarital affairs.''