One More Thing: YouTube racking up 4 billion hours of video views a month

One More Thing: YouTube racking up 4 billion hours of video views a month
We did tell you so

Video action - 4 billion hours worth of video are now watched on YouTube every month. That's a not-insignificant hike of a billion hours since May and if that doesn't boggle your mind, nothing will. Something something cat video. [Mashable]

To infinity and beyond – Commercial space travel is about to take off (geddit) and a study over in the US reckons it'll bring in between £385 million and £1 billion in revenue in its first decade of operation. But then given the ticket prices, we're not hugely surprised. [Telegraph]

Not a clever girl – Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has decided that, despite the outcome of Jurassic Park, what might be a good idea is to try and clone a dinosaur like in Jurassic Park. Look, that went wrong in the first scene of Jurassic Park. Maybe he hasn't seen Jurassic Park. For the love of all that is good and holy, someone send him a copy, quick. [Gawker]

Hobbies, eh? - Some people knit, some people drink, some people make stuff out of Lego. Simon Burfield does the latter – hence this joystick-controlled electric wheelchair, powered by six Mindstorm NXT computers. [Gizmodo]

There is mysterious power in these notes - Anyone who's ever hit forward while pressing the action button when playing Zelda will know that Link's a fairly accomplished gymnast (by primary school standards) but he's got nothing on Mexican gymnast Elsa Garcia Rodriguez who performed her Olympic qualification routine to an arrangement of tunes from The Legend of Zelda. [Kotaku]

Frenemies - Facebook App Centre is now available to all users worldwide, which is something that the social network announced on Twitter. Huh. [Twitter]

Hangout - It's always a sad day when you accidentally melt your Roomba vacuum cleaner. But tragedy became comedy for Oscar the Roomba, who is now enjoying a second life as a droid about town controlled by Google+ Hangout. We'd dust off our Google+ profile for that. [NBC]

Never let go - Buy a Panasonic Blu-ray player and get Titanic 3D and Avatar 3D free. Then go out and buy some good films. Zing! [PR]

The penultimate frontier - If you can't be bothered to train as an astronaut or even leave your seat, you can now tour the Kennedy Space Center via Google Maps and Streetview. Ah, laziness. [YouTube]

Bon Joviver - With its dreamy soft-focus vocals and gently soaring riffs, Bon Iver might not be the first musical act you'd think to remix, but that's what Spotify is inviting you to do. From today until August 29 you can use Indaba Music to download their self-titled album, do what you will with the tracks and then post them back on the site. Bon Iver themselves will then choose their favourites to go on an exclusive Spotify album of remixes and each winner will also get $1000 cash (about £640). Get to it. [Spotify]

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