One More Thing: Another treasured childhood memory gets an app-date

One More Thing: Another treasured childhood memory gets an app-date
Er, nah. You're all right thanks

We're treating you mean and keeping you keen: One More Thing has gone weekly.

Phone home - EA has made a special iOS game called E.T.: The Green Planet specially to celebrate it being 30 years since E.T. the film came out. Stylistically, narratively and in terms of assumed audience intelligence it doesn't look entirely on a par with the film, but it is apparently fully licensed so someone must have signed off on it. Probably George Lucas. He'll sign off on anything. Even films that weren't his to begin with. [SlashGear]

Bargain - An Apple-1 computer hand built by Steve Wozniak back in 1976 achieved a bid of £32,000 at auction in London this week. Considering it sold for around £400 when it first went on sale, you'd think that'd be a fairly good mark-up but no – it didn't meet its reserve price of £50,000. Greedy. [Metro]

Wikigeeks - Anonymous is no longer all that keen on Wikileaks. It's not that the hacktivist collective has any particular problem with those pesky rape allegations against its founder, more that the whistle-blowing website has become "the one man Julian Assange show". [Guardian]

Woz sez – "Part of me wishes Apple had not been so arrogant and feeling like "We're the only one with the right clue." I wish they had made a wider version [of the iPhone 5]. ...Not all people want the same thing. A lot of people really like big screens." And they cannot lie. [TalkCentral]

Suck ups - Google was so desperate to get its iOS Gmail app approved that it included a brown-nosing sample email in its App Store screen grabs. Either that or Kenneth really did send Dorothy an email about her favourite Steve Jobs quotes. [TNW]

Microhard – One problem with getting the world's fastest rapper to rap about how fast your cloud service is that no one can actually hear what he's waxing lyrical about (SaaS, paaS, laaS and other things ending in aaS, it seems). [YouTube]

Eggistential conundrum - After years of implying that eating eggs was bad and wrong and would result in irate birdlife catapulting itself at your home, Rovio now wants to encourage you to eat more eggs in various different ways with a Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes iPad cookbook app. We just don't know what's wrong and what's right any more. [TNW]

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