Guess what? Taking selfies in front of speeding cyclists is going to cause a Tour de Pain

Tour de France
We're watching you closely, guy on the left

The ongoing selfie trend pains us for plenty of reasons, but it's overstepped the line of annoyance at the Tour de France with some Brits getting in the way of the cyclists in order to capture the perfect self-portrait.

You see, some spectators have thought it wise to step into the road with their backs to the speeding cyclists to snap a cheeky picture.

What they've forgotten is that bikes go fast. And when a fast bike hits a human, some people are going to get hurt.

Still not getting it? Here, let us help.


Team Sky rider Geraint Thomas said "It's the new pain in the arse".

"I think people need to realise we take up the whole road. If you want to go and do that, go and sit in a tree. There's not much racing on British roads and people don't understand how fast we're going and how close we get."

BMC Racing's Tejay van Garderen also pitched in with a tweet: "Standing in the middle of the road with your back turned while 200 cyclists come at you, just to take a selfie. #think."

We've got some more advice for you

Turn the camera off and boot up some blips

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