Brekkie Bytes: The best news from the weekend

Google Glass is completely shaking up technology. It's so advanced, nobody knows exactly how it will change the world.

But is that a good thing? TechRadar debates itself on the merits of the technology, while some hidden code suggests a new boutique app store for the Glass project. There was even an arrest recorded with Glass last week, highlighting a real shift in how the world will interact in a Glass-led future.

While Google Glass is the future, the upcoming release of the Xbox One has some looking at the past. In particular, we now have some insights into what the original team was thinking of naming the original Xbox console.

Of course, the games debate continued, with Sony proclaiming the PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived, while Nintendo tries for relevancy by debating the merits of region blocking its consoles.

And to top it off, EA reckons that the next generation of mobile devices will match your PS3 and Xbox 360 for power and performance.

Speaking of mobile devices, there's good news if you're planning on mounting Mt Everest - the world's tallest peak now has 4G connectivity. You may even be able to take the Nokia Lumia 1020, which is rumoured to launch this month. Or should that be the Lumia 909? We'll find out soon enough.

Having spent the past decade editing some of Australia's leading technology publications, Nick's passion for the latest gadgetry is matched only by his love of watching Australia beat England in the rugby.