The Nokia 909: the phone formerly known as Lumia 1020

The Nokia 909, the phone formerly known as Nokia Lumia 1020
Same camera, similar name?

You know that Nokia Lumia 1020 name that's been bandied about over the past couple of weeks? Well forget it, immediately, as the much-rumoured EOS may in fact launch as the Nokia 909.

Seasoned leaker @evleaks has been up to its old tricks again, this time tweeting a potentially new name for the second handset from the Finnish firm thought to pack a mind-blowing 41MP camera.

The tweet in question reads: "New info pegs EOS not as the Lumia 1020, but: Nokia 909". While it doesn't provide any further evidence for the new name, @evleaks has a strong track record with this sort of things.

Feature or smart?

You can understand the reasoning behind why Nokia may plump for the 909 moniker, as it follows on nicely from its first 41MP smartphone, the 808 PureView, while also ensuring it doesn't overshadow the recently launched Lumia 925.

However the Nokia 909 (or Lumia 1020, or Nokia EOS) is lined up to run Windows Phone 8, which usually means the "Lumia" brand is shoehorned into a handset's name.

With the Lumia brand potentially dropped consumers may become confused on the identity of the Nokia 909, perhaps mistaking it for a feature phone, as it follows the same format as the Nokia 105, 301 and others.

We'll know for sure what name the Finnish firm is going for next week however, with a special event in New York on July 11 promising us "41 million reasons to zoom in".

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