Powerful 41MP PureView camera teased for Nokia EOS

Powerful 41MP PureView camera teased for Nokia EOS
Mega camera ahoy!

The numerous rumours surrounding the Nokia EOS and its absurdly powerful 41MP camera have been given further justification after Nokia itself posted a teaser on its website.

We expect to see the Nokia EOS officially unveiled at Nokia's July 11 event in New York, and it looks like Elop and co are planning to bring the camera tech from its 808 Pureview handset to the new flagship Windows Phone 8 device.

The teaser image on Nokia's official blog reads: "41 million reasons to zoom in to Nokia Conversations on July 11".

Black & white

That makes it pretty obvious that something camera orientated is on its way, and goes hand in hand with the "Zoom reinvented" tagline which adorned the press invite last week.

We could see Nokia build on the technology that wowed us at MWC last year on the 808 PureView, with perhaps more of an emphasis on the zoom capabilities as well as seeing the tech squashed down into a slimmer frame.

While Nokia doesn't give away any indication of the specs of the anticipated EOS, other rumours suggest the 41MP camera will be housed in an aluminium clad chassis - which would keep it in line with the recently launched Nokia Lumia 925.

We can also apparently expect the Nokia EOS to sport 720p display, quad-core processor and 32GB of internal storage - although all will be revealed in a couple weeks.

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