Brand new iPad magazine tech. arrives: here's what to expect

tech. is from the makers of TechRadar
tech. is from the makers of TechRadar

After months and months of blood, sweat and tears, tech. is finally available on Apple Newsstand. This brand-new digital magazine is from the makers of TechRadar and each week its mission is to cut through the noise and bring you the stories and opinions that matter the most, delivered in a beautiful interactive iPad magazine that will be available to download every Thursday.

So, what is in the magazine we hear you (virtually) cry, well below is a list of the sections you will see every single week.

All the reaction to the week's biggest tech stories

tech iPad magazine

tech. thrives on the biggest and best news of the week and here is where we set the magazine's agenda. In our .debrief section you will find a number of in-depth articles which bring to life the tech week.

We scour the web and beyond for the most pertinent and blistering opinion and combine it into must-read article. Our team of experts then give the official tech. take so you'll be in no doubt what it means for technology, and what's coming next.

The best pictures of the week in technology

tech iPad magazine

It could be a best-selling game, a gadget that's got game-changer written all over it or a supersonic jet engine that could change travel forever. Our .Focus page puts the spotlight on the biggest stories of the week.

Hot debate and best reads

tech iPad magazine

You know when you read something and you come away feeling more enlightened, like it was nourishing food for the brain? That's what tech. is about.

Let us save you time by pointing you to the best writing of the week on our .Insight page, while .Inflame gets you straight to the heart of heated debate with the witty, interesting and down-right crazy comments from the biggest stories.

Want to know the back story behind the weeks new? .Inform gets to the heart of the most complex tech, and puts you in the know. It's ready-made pub ammo for tech enthusiasts.

Technology cage fighting!

tech iPad magazine

Each week we pit two things together, all with a news focus, pick them apart and find a winner – all in the name of technology.

In-depth features

tech iPad magazine

Tech. sets the week's agenda and our .Ten feature is the star of the magazine. The biggest stories are given space to breathe here, offering up our own unique slant of the week's news.

Hottest new gear reviewed

tech iPad magazine

If you love TechRadar's in-depth reviews but don't have time to read every word, come to tech. for the concise view. It's a home for TechRadar's best reviews, but stripped down to the bare essentials with interactive galleries and content just for our iPad-toting friends.

The best videos in tech

tech iPad magazine

Why read on iPad? Because you get the extra content that print dinosaurs can't see. Check out the .Video page, where the best reviews, unboxings, first-looks and tours of the International Space Station are on offer for you to sit back and enjoy.

Essential week tech to-do list

tech iPad magazine

We know you'll miss us until the next edition, so we've gone to the trouble of making a tech do-do list for your week. The best new products, gadgets, films, books and events - all with a tech twist.

tech. is available on iPad now. To download your issue, go to the tech. Newsstand page and let us know what you think!

And, if you want to see it in action, check out the video below:

Marc Chacksfield

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