Best Super Bowl commercials featuring tech

T-Mobile 'Data Vulture' ad

Like Microsoft, T-Mobile had more than one Super Bowl commercial, but it went with a funny, celebrity-filled approach to its 30-second spots.

The first ad from the self-proclaimed Un-carrier stars former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riegel walking around with a vulture on his shoulder.

He explains it swoops down and steals his data back at the end of the month. The woman he's talking to touts T-Mobile's Data Stash feature that lets her keep the data she pays for.

T-Mobile Kim Kardashian 'Save the Data' ad

Data Stash was also front-and-center in the T-Mobile Super Bowl commercial featuring the selfie-obsessed "celebrity" Kim Kardashian.

The joke here is that you can use this precious rollover data to view even more selfie and wardrobe pics that she takes of herself.

The Rob Riegel commercial is funnier, and yet this one has more views on YouTube. Go figure.

T-Mobile Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler ad

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Chelsea Handler introduce Wi-Fi calling to millions of Super Bowl viewers who probably don't know about the awesome feature.

T-Mobile is one of the first major networks to employ the use of your router to strengthen the signal of calls, perfect for the sometimes weak reception in peoples' homes.

Sprint 'Super Apology' commercial

Sprint didn't spend much time talking during its 30-second Super Bowl commercial. Instead, it used the screaming goat video meme to get its point across.

Yes, it's the same well-worn screaming goat that, with the help of the internet meme machine, sings Taylor Swift songs more entertainingly than Taylor Swift.

Sprint framed the ad as an apology to Verizon and AT&T for previously comparing the rivals to a goat. But it said it refused to say sorry for halving their customers plans.

Clash of Clans 'Angry Neeson' ad

Liam channels his vengeful Taken character in this funny Super Bowl commercial in which he plays the mobile game Clash of Clans.

He's playing the Supercell-developed real-time strategy addiction while waiting for another one of our favorite obsessions: coffee.

In typical Taken fashion, as he loses one of his defenses, he calls out his opponent - in this case BigBuffetBoy85 - muttering that he'll track him down. Neeson is officially now the new Charles Bronson.

Matt Swider