24-hour hackathon UNIHACK calling on Melbourne students

UNIHACK is all about 'discovery' in 2014

If you're currently in Victoria and studying at TAFE or university, you are invited to enter UNIHACK Melbourne, a 24-hour hackathon to be held in August.

The hackathon will be held across three days beginning August 8, and both individuals and teams up to four people can register for the event.

Participants will be able to leave the venue and come back, however all the development work must be completed within the 24-hour period on site.

Participants will need to develop an application involving 'discovery', the theme of this year's UNIHACK. You can prep for the event with tools and ideas, and while internet access will be provided, you'll also need to bring your own laptops, charges and anything else you might think you'll need.

Want to hack?

In its first year, UNIHACK is being organised by students at the University of Melbourne and Monash University's Clayton campus, with the hackathon itself to be held at the York Butter Factory in Melbourne.

Registration will begin at 4pm, August 8 for a kick off an hour later. The event will end at 5pm August 9 and individuals and teams will then be required to present their ideas to judges on August 11 at 6pm.

While most prizes have yet to be announced, the organisers have confirmed that the winning team or individual will gain entry to PwC's Technology Academy, which includes a two-day workshop.