12 gadget Christmas stocking fillers under £25

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Whether you're buying for a child's stocking, a teenager's pillow sack or an adult's hand-wrapped gift box, we've got 12 fun tech presents that are bound to appeal.

As they're all under £25 each, you could even buy a couple of early Christmas presents for yourself, too.

With this time of year proving expensive for everyone, it's worth hunting around online for the best deals, checking eBay and Amazon or even signing up for Quidco, which gives you money back on whatever purchases you make through the site.

Just don't forget to buy any extras the gifts may require, such as batteries, film or thread, as you'd be hard-pressed to find a shop that's open on Christmas day.

Enjoy – whether you're watching someone unwrapping one of the following products or if it's a sneaky present to you, from you.

1. Lomography Clear Action Sampler camera - £25

If you're familiar with lomography, then you'll know the plastic toy-like cameras are capable of producing the most wonderful colour-saturated photos. The Clear Action Sampler uses 35mm to create photos comprised of four different shots – perfect for a moving subject.

Lomography clear action sampler camera

2. Muji cardboard speakers - £19.95

Collapse these speakers into their flat cardboard state, and transport them easily and safely whenever you have an MP3 player or mobile phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Muji cardboard speakers

3. Sega Megadrive handheld console - £24.99

Relive the glory days of Sega with this portable handheld. It takes 3 AAA batteries, which powers the built-in speakers and colour LCD screen so you can play the 20 classic pre-loaded games just like you remember them.

Sega megadrive handheld console

4. Handheld sewing machine - £15

Alright, laugh all you want at the inclusion of a sewing machine, but there comes a time when even the most masculine of men has to repair a torn t-shirt. Bundled with everything you need except for the thread, the machine takes 4 AA batteries.

Handheld sewing machine

5. Griffin AirCurve - £19.99

You don't need to plug this speaker in or buy batteries for it, with the coiled centerpiece acting as an amplifier for whichever iPhone model is docked. The music is much louder and clearer than anyone would ever expect, and it's very Apple-esque in design too.

Griffin aircurve

6. V-Gauge wine preserver - £21.99

Save the rest of a bottle of wine with a high-tech wine stopper that has its own inbuilt pressure gauge. Pump out any oxygen in the bottle to keep it from going bad, and the wine should last much longer than usual. Unless you don't finish it all in one night, of course.

V-Gauge wine preserver