Windows 11 updates should be better than Windows 10

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Microsoft has provided details on how Windows 11 will deliver seamless updates that will be 40% smaller than those of Windows 10 – and that they will all take place in the background.

Windows 11 will have fewer feature updates than Windows 10. With Windows 11, they’ll now be a single feature update released every year, reminiscent of Apple’s annual macOS updates.

To achieve its promise of having 40% smaller updates than Windows 10, Microsoft has made some quality-of-life improvements to Windows 11 updates. When checking for updates on Windows 11 when a new patch is available, Windows 11 will compare the contents of the new update with what’s already installed on your computer, so it’ll only download the necessary contents that you need, which should make the size of updates significantly smaller.

Business benefits

These quality-of-life improvements for Windows 11 updates will also extend to business users who, for example, have Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Enterprises have the additional functionality to manage drivers and critical security updates using the configuration manager.

Another quality-of-life improvement coming for future Windows 11 users is Windows updates will be downloaded automatically when you’re not actively using the PC. Microsoft is using a new version of its AI and machine learning software to help determine the hours you’re not actively working at your computer or laptop.

However, Windows 11 updates will not be dramatically faster than Windows 10. Windows 11 users, after an update has finished downloading and installing, will still have to restart their machine and stare ominously at a blank screen for a little bit. Hopefully, this’ll be something for Microsoft to improve in a future Windows 11 update, but for now, there’s no change on that front.

Windows 11 is planned to launch on October 5, but Microsoft will roll it out gradually over the next few months.

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