Windows 10 update is finally fixing a particularly annoying bug

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Windows 10 is getting a solution for a longstanding bug, with Microsoft finally acknowledging that there’s a problem with a driver update getting stuck in an installation loop, and promising that a fix is now being worked on.

So what’s going on here? As Windows Latest reports, this problem with Windows 10 has been hanging around throughout 2020, and affected users are witnessing the OS attempt to install a previous (older) version of an Intel graphics driver – with Windows 10 doing this repeatedly. Which as you can imagine, gets old pretty quickly.

While attempting to downgrade the driver, Windows 10 informs users: “A current driver on your PC may be better than the driver we’re trying to install. We’ll keep trying to install.”

Drastic measures

There were potential workarounds to this issue, but none of them were particularly satisfactory: aside from drastic measures like reinstalling the OS, some users reportedly cured things by removing the existing graphics driver entirely, and installing the driver update again via Windows Update.

The good news is that a fix has apparently been implemented for those testing preview versions of Windows 10, and in the feedback hub, a Microsoft employee confirmed: “We’ve made an update with the Insider Dev Channel builds so that this error will no longer be shown going forward.”

So, with any luck, this fix will be deployed within the release version of Windows 10 before too long, and anyone who has been frustrated by this particular error will breathe a big sigh of relief.

As we’ve seen lately, Windows 10 updates continue to be problematic on a regular basis, and have caused some nasty Blue Screen of Death crashes among other issues in recent times.

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