Windows 10 is now installed on 825 million devices

Image credit: Microsoft

Windows 10 is now active on over 825 million devices worldwide, according to internal documentation spotted by

While Microsoft hasn’t released any official numbers regarding Windows 10’s install base recently – and last week’s Build 2019 developer conference would have been the perfect time to do so – if those numbers are correct, it shows that Microsoft’s latest operating system is in pretty good shape.

The documentation also sheds light on some impressive numbers from Microsoft’s Essential Products (EPIC) group. According to, Windows 10’s mobile apps – such as Android and iOS versions of Edge, OneNote and Microsoft To-Do have been downloaded 32 millions times.

The mobile version of Edge has done surprisingly well, with 4.5 million downloads, and Microsoft Launcher, a user interface for Android smartphones with a focus on Microsoft products and services, has 4 million monthly active users.

Office 365 is bigger than Spotify and Amazon Prime combined

In other news, it looks like Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription service is also doing well, with a recent tweet by Tren Griffin, a senior director at Microsoft, disclosing that there are now 214 million Office 365 subscribers – which is more than Amazon Prime (101 million subscribers) and Spotify Premium (107 million) combined.

With those subscribers paying $99 a year each, that’s a hefty wad of cash heading into Microsoft’s coffers.

If anyone doubted that Microsoft could convince people – and businesses – to pay a subscription for its Office products, then these results prove that it can. Very successfully.

Matt Hanson
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