Will PS5 restock on Memorial Day? No – but here's when to buy PS5 next

PS5 restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider
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Update: There was no PS5 restock date scheduled during Memorial Day

We haven't seen PS5 in stock since last Thursday, but we haven't given up tracking a second Amazon PS5 restock after a website glitch last week. Amazon has to sell its remaining PS5 Digital and Disc consoles at some point in time.

  • Caution: Don't buy from Twitter users – which are all scams. Only buy from the US stores Matt alerts you about. No legitimate person will sell a console for just $550.

When will PS5 restock in the US?

The PS5 restock date is unlikely to be today. None of our sources say there's a scheduled PS5 restock this weekend, which happens to be Memorial Day Weekend in the US.

That said, we did send a Twitter alert on Thursday noting that Amazon had turned on the add-to-cart button for the PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital consoles. But a website error prevented people from actually being about to check out with either console. We're eager to see when Amazon makes this PS5 stock available to buy again.

Bets Buy PS5 restock date

  • Rumored Best Buy PS5 restocked date: This week (tracking it for Tuesday onward)
  • Last Best Buy PS5 restock date and time: Monday, May 24 at 11:49am EDT

It's gotten harder to nail down when Best Buy will restock PS5 simply because it went from consistently launching orders at midday on Fridays (for seven weeks in a row), to opening up orders on Thursdays afternoons (for two weeks in a row), to having this last restock on a Monday morning (we think that was meant for the latter half of the prior week, but Best Buy didn't have shipments in yet).

So the next Best Buy PS5 restock date could be as soon as Tuesday after the holiday because, by then, it'll have been a full week since last Monday's inventory went live.


Walmart PS5 restock date

  • Rumored Walmart PS5 restocked date: Thursday, June 3 at 3pm EDT; Matt usually knows three hours in advance
  • Last Walmart PS5 restock date and time: Monday, May 24 at 11:49am EDT

The Walmart PS5 restock date could be Thursday, June 3, and seems like the surest thing around when it comes to stores in the US carrying the new PlayStation. It's easy to explain why: we haven't seen Walmart deviate from console restocks on Thursdays in 2021, though it doesn't have the PS5 every Thursday. Instead, it often does a restock every other Thursday (although even that's not a sure thing).. 


GameStop PS5 restock date

  • Rumored GameStop PS5 restocked date: Maybe Wednesday, June 2 at 2pm EDT
  • Last GameStop PS5 restock date and time: Wednesday, May 26 at 2pm EDT

The GameStop PS5 restock could happen on Wednesday, June 2, because the video game retailer has had the Sony console in stock for three Wednesdays in a row. Will it go a four-for-four? It really depends on how much inventory it has. It's easy to at least predict the restock time: it's always at 2pm EDT (online-only not in stores).

GameStop has bundles, and recently, the US retailer has stuck to packing in MLB The Show and Returnal. While many complain about being forced to buy games, accessories (like an extra controller) and a gift card for as much as $729, this tactic does deter resellers who scoop up the PS5 console at other stores and resell it for much higher prices.


Target PS5 restock date

  • Rumored Target PS5 restocked date: Unknown but likely at 7:40am EDT
  • Last Target PS5 restock date and time: Thursday, May 27 at about 7:40am EDT

When is the next Target PS5 restock date? We usually have a good idea, and in 2021, it's always on a Wednesday or Thursday at around 7:40am EDT, according to past restocks. But while our sources at Target stores through the United States tell us how much inventory they have on hand, it's too early to know approximate the date, even if we're confident of the Target restock time by now.

The next Wednesday and Thursday on the calendar are June 2 and June 3, but the last Target PS5 restock was on Thursday, May 27 at about 7:40am EDT and all of our Twitter replies (mostly from people who missed out) note inventory seemed light – it went fast. In other words, it may be some time before Target is able to have a PS5 restock – or maybe it was holding back for a bigger drop this week. We'll let you know soon.


Amazon PS5 restock date

  • Rumored Amazon PS5 restocked date: Could happen any time due to glitch
  • Last Amazon PS5 restock date and time: Wednesday, May 26 at 10am EDT

The next Amazon PS5 restock is the most controversial of them all simply because it nearly had two restocks in as many days. We saw thousands of people get a PS5 from our restock alert on Wednesday, May 26, yet no one was able to get it the next day when there was a supposed second PS5 restock (the add-to-cart button was turned on for about 30 minutes).

That means one of two things: Amazon does have PS5 inventory and it'll probably have another restock soon after Memorial Day, or it was a wider Amazon.com glitch and the add-to-cart button was never meant to go live (as in they didn't actually have consoles to begin with). We're tracking Amazon just in case it's the former. But we also know Amazon has waited between 15 and 52 days between restocks, so there's no telling when PS5 will be back in stock at Amazon. 

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