Who do you think you are? Find out with $100 off this full 23andMe DNA test kit

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Amazon has slashed the price of 23andMe home DNA test kits for Prime Day, reducing the cost of its full Health and Ancestry Service by 50%. 

This is the most comprehensive of 23andMe's home DNA test kits, covering both genealogy and health concerns. When you receive your results, you'll be able to see a map showing where your ancestors are likely to have come from, plus DNA relatives (people who share DNA with you, and have taken a 23andMe test).

You can also see if you're predisposed to certain medical conditions and if you're a carrier for a condition that could be passed down to your children. This part of the test also gives you some fun facts about your personal traits, including whether you're likely to have freckles or experience motion sickness.

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23andMe Health and Ancestry Service: $199.99 $99 at Amazon
23andMe is one of the biggest names in home DNA testing, and for good reason: its tests are simple to use, its privacy policies are robust, and its results are detailed and easy to interpret. The Health and Ancestry Service covers both genealogy (showing where your ancestors hail from geographically, plus DNA relatives) and health (which includes predisposition to certain medical conditions).

Preparing and submitting the test is easy; just provide a saliva sample (the kit includes a container with a funnel to make this less messy) and close the cap to release a preserving agent, then register the test, apply the label provided and send it off in the post. The cost of postage is included in the price of the test.

After two to four weeks, you'll be able to see your full results in an online dashboard, where you can browse them at your leisure and drill down for more detailed information about any specific factor.

This is the best price we've seen for this excellent DNA test kit, and although it might be repeated for Black Friday, we very much doubt it will drop any lower, so it's a good idea to snap it up now while stocks last.

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