Samsung's IFA 2016 invite hints at Gear S3 smartwatch reveal

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung may reveal its upcoming smartwatch, the Gear S3, in just a few weeks' time.

Today, the company sent out invites that prominently feature a pair of blue watch hands - the invite's only graphics - hinting at the wearable's imminent announcement.

The not-so-subtle summos are for Samsung's IFA 2016 press conference, which takes place on September 1 at 11am local time in, you guessed it, Berlin.

Samsung announcing a new Gear smartwatch at Germany's biggest tech show would be par for the course. The tech giant unveiled the Gear S2 during last year's IFA, and having already announced the Galaxy Note 7, an updated wearable could be just the thing to tickle consumers' fancy.

Samsung IFA 2016 invite

The hands give it away

What's new with the Gear S3?

If you haven't kept up with the latest on the Gear S3, let's quickly recap what you can look forward to with the new watch.

Physically, the wearable should keep the same circular form factor we've grown used to. Samsung's innovative rotating bezel will likely stay to help you avoid blocking the screen with your fingers.

There are also rumors that we'll see three variants of the Gear S3: the Classic, Explorer and Frontier. The latter two will be targeted at fitness buffs and hikers, as the Frontier is expected to include an altimeter, barometer and speedometer.

Android Wear 2.0

Time will only tell if these improvements will be enough for Samsung to take on its biggest rival, the Apple Watch 2. Look for that wearable to make its presence known at the iPhone 7 launch event, which is rumored to take place on September 7.

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