Apple thinks you'll only use the Apple Watch in 10 second bursts

Apple Watch
Don't look at the Apple Watch too much

You might have just spent a fair bit of money on the Apple Watch, but the Cupertino company behind the new wearable doesn't want you gazing longingly at it; instead it apparently wants you to use it in 10 second bursts.

The idea is that Apple Watch apps will give you all the information you need in just a glance. Apps will also use location services and other features to only serve up notifications when they are convenient and relevant.

This will keep the Apple Watch from constantly pestering you while it vibrates away on your wrist every time you get an email or text message.

Location, location

Instead the Apple Watch could use the GPS and Wi-Fi positional tracking features to know when you're at work, and only alert you to emails while you're there.

Concerns over the short battery life of smartwatches in general could be addressed here, as the shorter amount of time the Apple Watch is vibrating or displaying its screen at full brightness, the longer the battery will last between changes.

It also means there won't be hordes of Apple Watch wearers walking around and staring at their wrists, oblivious to the world around them.

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