Watch the spine-chilling full trailer for Stranger Things 4: Volume 2

Eleven and Doctor Brenner stare at something off screen in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2
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The full trailer for the second instalment of Stranger Things season four has arrived online. Click below to watch: 

The second instalment of the show's fourth season will arrive on Netflix on July 1. 

Despite being billed as a second volume, the second half of the show's fourth season is actually just two episodes. But, they are both epics. The season's eighth episode, which is named Papa, comes in at 85 minutes, or one hour and 25 minutes, while the season finale is title The Piggyback and is a movie in its own right, with a runtime of two hours and 19 minutes. 

The trailer is the second look the show's many, many devoted fans have had at the second instalment after a 30-second clip was shared publicly during the Netflix's annual Geeked Week event. The clip had initially debuted as a post-credits scene following the end of Stranger Things season 4 episode 7. 

The trailer hints an epic finale, soundtracked once again by Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill, with the show's young cast tested to their absolute limits. 

The first part of the show's fourth season has been an enormous hit for Netflix, with the streaming service's subscribers watching a colossal 4.1 billion minutes of Stranger Things season 4 within the first three days of release. Not only that, but all four seasons of the supernatural horror series are currently sitting in first, second, third, and fourth place in Netflix's official Top 10 TV list

Netflix must wish they could release Stranger Things every single week. 

An epic finish for Stranger Things?

Nope. There will be at least one more season of the sci-fi behemoth following the release of the second half of season four. 

There aren't many details on what we can expect or when we expect it, though we know for sure it will mark the final entry in the series’ mainline story. Executive producer Shawn Levy recently explained to ScreenRant that its creators, the Duffer brothers, "didn't want the show to run out of fumes" and outstay its welcome – but the Stranger Things universe may still continue in spin-offs and standalone movies.

With figures like this, you'd imagine Netflix have an interest in turning things around quickly, so we'd be hopeful of a 2023 release date for the show's finale. 

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