Wacom unveils its cheapest graphics tablet yet, and you can buy it now

Wacom One
(Image credit: Wacom)

Wacom has revealed its latest graphics tablet at CES 2020, and it's pretty special. Not only is this the most affordable drawing slate the company has ever released at just $399.95 (about £300, AU$600), it's also the first one to be compatible with a mobile operating system so you can hook it up to your phone for a spot of sketching on the move.

Until now, most of Wacom's tablets have been aimed squarely at professional designers and illustrators, and serious hobbyists, working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and other drawing software at their (very stylish) desks.

The new Wacom One takes a different approach, as it's an entry-level device that the company says should be particularly handy for editing photos and videos for social media.

The Wacom One doesn't work with iOS, but that's not a huge problem for artists given an iPad and Apple Pencil will do pretty much the same job.

Drawing inspiration

Unlike Wacom's professional-grade Intuos tablets, the Wacom One is a 'pen display', which means you can draw directly onto its 920 x 1,080 full HD screen. You do that using the included pressure-sensitive pen, which the company is keen to point out "does not require a pen battery or recharge, ever". Take that, Apple.

If Wacom's own stylus doesn't quite suit you needs, the tablet works equally well with pens from the likes of Lamy, Samsung and Staedtler.

The tablet is available to buy online now, and each purchase includes a six-month subscription to Celsys Clip Studio Paint Pro (a beginner-friendly app for drawing comics) and Wacom's own Bamboo Paper (for note-taking and sketching).

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