Virgin Media just gave broadband customers a massive free speed boost

Virgin media
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Virgin Media broadband customers could be the subject of much envy right about now as they've just been given a speed boost – for free. The result is speeds that are nine times faster than the national average speed of 64 Mb, as measured by Ofcom this year.

Virgin Media customers who have the Ultimate Oomph account are getting a speed boost from the current M500 fibre line, at 516 Mb, to M600 which, in real world speak, means a new average download speed of 636 Mb. Oomph indeed.

That new top speed means you could download an entire large game, like FIFA 2021 on Xbox at 50.1GB, in just 11 minutes. That's compared to the national average time of 111 minutes. The 120Mb speed increase in itself is actually faster than what a lot of fibre broadband deals offer on their own. 

These Ultimate Oomph bundle subscribers also get an impressive entertainment package with Sky Cinema HD, Sky Sport HD, BT Sport Ultimate and SIM only deals with unlimited mobile data and inclusive home phone calls as part of the deal.

If you want to see how your connection stands up against this then use TechRadar's broadband speed test and find out if you could benefit from a change. 

If the answer is yes, then your next stop is our best broadband deals. Here's a sneak preview below.

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