OzFlix announces plans to create original content

OzFlix announces plans to create original content

Though the service has been quick to dismiss Netflix comparisons on social media, OzFlix is taking a page out of that service's playbook by announcing plans to create its own original shows – though don't expect scripted dramas.

"When OzFlix launches, not only will we be bringing you the best Australian films, but we will be bringing you some original content," said film critic and OzFlix ambassador Glenn Dunks on the service's official Facebook page.

The first announced show, titled @TheFlix, will be a weekly movie review programme featuring film analysis by Australian film critics Rochelle Siemienowicz and Thomas Caldwell, who are described as "OzFlix's answer to David and Margaret."

Surprisingly, Dunks also stated that you'll be able to "rent" all the films featured on each episode of the show for "one low bundle price," which would make OzFlix quite different to subscription-based services like Netflix and Stan in its approach.

Rental as anything

"The bundles will offer a number of films around a theme or director and for a very low price," said a representative for OzFlix, describing the bundles as "weekly specials," also stating that "you will have a long period over which you can watch them, too."

The second OzFlix original show will be a monthly special called FAQ, in which various figures from the Australian film industry, including actors, writers, directors and producers, are interviewed in front of a live audience.

Finally, Dunks will be providing OzFlix with small segments called Bytes, in which the critic will discuss and recommend classic films and forgotten gems.

We'll find out more about OzFlix's strategy when its marketing campaign kicks into gear on Australia Day.

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