Twitter’s new Explore tab merges Moments, trends and search in one place

(Image credit: Twitter)

In a move that likely won't ruffle as many feathers as switching out a star for a heart, Twitter is changing its news-at-a-glance Moments feature with a new interface and name on mobile.

Twitter's just-announced Explore tab takes Moments' roundup of the day's most popular stories across different categories and merges them with the app's search function, putting news, trending topics, and popular hashtags all in one spot.

Originally, Moments was its own tab dedicated to catching up on recent stories, ranging from politics to memes to sports, while the search and trending topics function were delegated to a separate icon in the corner.

While the shuffling-around of all these features has the potential to leave something behind on the cutting room floor, Twitter assures users that nothing is actually going away, but rather is being streamlined for easier access.

Twitter's Explore tab rolls out starting today for iOS and is expected to hit Android devices "in the coming weeks."

Explore isn't the only recent addition hitting the Twittersphere, as Fast & Furious actor and D&D enthusiast Vin Diesel posted his first tweet on his otherwise-barren account since joining in March 2015. (It's a shirtless picture of him fist-bumping the sky, if you're wondering.)

Parker Wilhelm
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