This weird Fitbit Inspire HR deal comes with a free Google Home Mini

Fitbit Inspire HR
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The Fitbit Inspire HR isn't at its lowest price ever, but we've just spotted it for a remarkably good price. This strange deal features the fitness tracker alongside a Google Home Mini, and it's the best way you can buy it in the UK right now.

We've previously seen the Fitbit Inspire HR at £69.99, but you can't currently buy the tracker for a price that low.

Instead, the best current deal is this one that comes with a free Google Home Mini and costs £79.99. Considering most other retailers are selling the tracker for £89.99 or more, this is a much better option and it even comes with a free smart speaker.

The Google Home Mini has an RRP of £49 but you'll often be able to find it for less than that - at the moment, it's £24.

Fitbit Inspire HR and Google Home Mini - was £113.99, now £79

Fitbit Inspire HR and Google Home Mini - was £113.99, now £79
The Fitbit Inspire HR in black comes with a Charcoal color smart speaker in this bundle from Currys. You can currently get free delivery too, making this an absolute steal if you're after a new Fitbit tracker.

Fancy a different color? Here's the full selection

You can't currently buy the Fitbit Inspire HR with a Google Home Mini bundled in if you live in the US, but we've put together a selection of the best other deals where you live below.

You may want to wait until Amazon Prime Day gets closer though as it's likely to get discounted over the next few weeks.

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