This sonic toothbrush cleans your mouth in 10 seconds, and you can own it today

FasTeesH Y-Brush
(Image credit: FasTeesH)

Dentists advise brushing your teeth for two minutes for optimal oral health, but French company FasTeesH has developed a tool that can get the job done in just 10 seconds.

The Y-Brush blasted past its crowdfunding target in 2018, raising $164,596, and began shipping to backers just before CES 2020. It's also available to buy for $125 (about £95, AU$180) in FasTeesH's online store.

The Y-Brush features a kind of mouthguard lined with 96 clusters of nylon bristles, which brush all surfaces of your teeth simultaneously.

Just apply your usual amount of toothpaste (any type you like – the brush comes with an applicator for spreading it out thinly) and chomp down on it for five seconds to clean your upper teeth. Once they're nicely polished, flip the brush the other way up to do the lower ones.

The brush comes with a wireless charging dock (like any regular electric toothbrush), and there's a choice of mouthpiece sizes to suit different mouths.

Additional mouthpieces cost $30 (about £20, AU$45) and FasTeesH advises replacing them every six months. Considering the price of regular electric toothbrush heads, that's pretty reasonable value – especially if it saves you almost 11 hours of brushing during that time.

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