This new BenQ projector is perfect for the Xbox Series S

BenQ X1300i
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There's a new gaming projector on the horizon, and it might just be the perfect purchase to go along with the upcoming Xbox Series S – or any current-gen HD console you still have kicking around.

The BenQ X1300i is one of a few new models announced for this year, with the 'i' designating an overhauled smart TV interface supplied by Android TV (the same OS used in Sony TVs).

But the main draw of the X1300i is in its gaming features, including low input lag of just 8ms for 120Hz playback. You'll also get three dedicated gaming presets, for shooters (FPS), sports (SPG) and role-playing games (RPG) – while a 3,000 lumens brightness will mean you're not straining to see the projection in mild ambient light. You get a max 100-inch projection too.

Of course, there are other 120Hz projectors and TVs out there – and the BenQ X1300i is only an HD, rather than a 4K model – but the peculiar specs of the Xbox Series S make them a suitable match.

Meeting in the middle

The Xbox Series S is technically an HD console, with 4K upscaling to output on 4K TVs – but you're not getting the native 4K experience of the more powerful Xbox Series X or PS5.

While 4K/120Hz is supported on higher-spec next-gen consoles – through a much-touted HDMI 2.1 port – it's still a rare occurrence and only a handful of Xbox Series X games will support it at or shortly after launch.

If you're not fussed about 4K so much as smooth gameplay, getting a 120Hz HD projector and the £249 Xbox Series S should save you a hefty amount compared to a 4K beamer and £449 Xbox Series X.

The X1300i is available from January, and will retail for £1,249 – around what you'd pay for the 4K BenQ TK850, though with the huge added benefit of streaming apps through Android TV, and the noted gamer-centric features. You'll get support for Google Assistant voice commands too.

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