This new BenQ projector is ideal for PS4, Xbox One or Switch games – here's why

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The new BenQ TH685 projector is shaping up to be a great new AV option for console gaming in your home.

With an incredibly bright 3,500 lumens, 4K HDR projection, and 8.3ms input lag, the TH685 is designed to show off console games in vivid detail and colors – with any HDMI-connected console such as the PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch being easy to hook up to the projector.

The low input lag is the most notable spec here, given televisions often struggle to get below 20ms, and a larger lag means the gameplay isn’t as smooth and responsive to controller inputs as it could be.

Now retailing for $799 / £649 (around AU$1,300), the TH685 joins a long line of BenQ projectors for a variety of home entertainment needs. We recently reviewed the BenQ TK850, an almost-as-bright projector for sports viewing that comes with a specialized motion smooth algorithm – though even that model was more than capable for HDR gaming in the home.

In the US, the BenQ TH685 is currently available at Amazon, BestBuy, Projector People, B&H and Newegg in the US – with UK / AU pricing yet to be confirmed.

Fancy a sports-specific projector? Check out these BenQ TK850 deals below:

HDR for all

Since the HT3550 / W2700 projector model we reviewed last year, BenQ has supported HDR projection on a variety of devices, with its HDR Pro technology being compatible with HDR10 (the basic HDR format) and HLG (hybrid log gamma, the SDR/HDR broadcasting format).

Games are especially conducive to HDR viewing, given the uptick in vivid colors and enhancements to contrast – making enemies, NPCs (non-player characters), and environmental details stand out even clearer and livelier than before.

We expect the Xbox Series X to really lean into HDR gaming – even if this console generation was largely fought on 4K gaming instead.

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