This fresh SIM only deal lands you 10GB of data and unlimited calls for just £8 a month

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If you've come to the end of your phone contract but are still fond of your existing mobile, then grabbing a cheap SIM only deal is a brilliant way to cut your bills down to size. Now that you're no longer locked in, you can really play the market and grab a bargain.

Enter iD Mobile and its shiniest, newest SIM only tariff. Already a purveyor of some of the UK's most affordable plans (err...fiver a month anybody?) it has now made one of its most popular tariffs even better.

Set at only £8 per month, iD Mobile has just increased the monthly data allowance from 8GB to 10GB. That's a terrific data point, and more than enough for most 'average users'. You'll do well to rinse through that in 30 days with pure Spotify streaming, social media streaming and Google Map navigating alone. You should even be able to get the odd Netflix episode or two out of it, as well.

Keep reading for more details on this offer, some additional information on what you get from iD Mobile and what competition there is for this superb SIM only deal.

iD's new excellent SIM only deal in full:


SIM only deal from iD Mobile | 30-day contract | 8GB 10GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | £8 a month
It's really hard to argue with the sheer value of this SIM only deal. 10GB will be more than enough data for most users and you won't find cheaper bills than £8 a month for the privilege. There's no need to worry about running out of calls or texts either - they're both unlimited.

Who is iD Mobile and what do I get?

If you've ever hunted for SIM only deals in the past, you'll surely have heard of iD Mobile - it's been offering great value SIMs (and full contract mobile phone deals) for a good few years now.

But if you're still not familiar with the brand, there's no need for concern - it's the in-house network of Carphone Warehouse. And it piggy-backs off the Three network, so you can be sure of widespread 4G coverage in all parts of the UK.

In terms of extra perks, iD also offers the option to cap your bills, plus data rollover for any unused in a 30-day period, and the ability to make calls from your mobile using your Wi-Fi.

What are the other best SIM only deals in the UK?

As we say, competition is as fierce as ever in the SIM only sphere right now. For a couple of extra quid and a 12-month contract, Three gets you 12GB of data per month. Or for the ultimate value, go all-out on unlimited data for just £18 per month from the same network.

EE devotee? Again, the best value comes from going big on data, as you can get 80GB a month for £20 bills. The UK's fastest 4G network also throws in free subscriptions to BT Sport, Apple Music and BritBox, so quite the pretty package.

While if you want something more flexible - but from a less famous name - Smarty can secure you 30GB for £10 a month or 100GB for £15 a month  on easy-to-break one-month contracts.

Still can't make up your mind? Then check out our full SIM only comparison table below...

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