This could be your first look at Fitbit’s new smartwatch

Fitbit’s first stab at the smartwatch since it acquired Pebble is rumored to be hitting a rough patch in development, but that hasn’t stopped it from leaking.
The new wearable, codenamed “Project Higgs”, has surfaced in leaked render images obtained by Yahoo Finance.

Truth be told, the device in question looks quite a lot like the Fitbit Blaze, for better and worse.

On the plus side, if this photo points to the real deal, it appears that the company has done a lot of work to up the build quality to appeal to the tough-to-please demographic that wants fitness features, but in a sophisticated, smartwatch-like presentation. 

Credit: Yahoo Finance

Credit: Yahoo Finance

However, as seen in the leaked photo above, the large bezel on the underside is impossible to ignore, making up a sizeable percentage of the overall screen.

Given that the leak limits the view to the front of the device, it’s difficult to tell what of Fitbit’s design past will make a return here, if anything. There will likely be swappable bands, though it can’t be determined if the modular brains to the watch can be popped out for a totally different look beyond just the color of the bands, or if buyers will be stuck with the metallic finish chosen at the time of purchase. 

When can you expect to buy it?

A few weeks ago, we caught wind that Fitbit’s new wearable had run into several hurdles in development. As a result, sources have stated that the device’s original Spring launch target has now been moved to the autumn season.

Though, at the very least, this leak seems to confirm that things are moving along at Fitbit. 

Cameron Faulkner

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