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The newly launched Blu Vivo 6 has a sweet Black Friday deal

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Blu is one of very few phone manufacturers based in the US and it has finally made its way to the UK with a brand new low cost but high spec phone.

The Blu Vivo 6 is exclusive to the UK and is already on sale for Black Friday.

It’s standard retail price is £239.99, but today it’s £184.99 for Black Friday (opens in new tab). That's a discount of £55.

Blu Friday

The Blu Vivo 6 features a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, a fingerprint sensor and 64GB of internal storage.  It also features a metal uni-body design, but you’re restricted to only the bold colour choices of either Rose Gold or Gold.

The Vivo 6 packs in 4GB of RAM, a MediaTek Helio P10 chipset and a 3130mAh battery.

Camera wise it features a 13MP shooter with laser focus, phase detection autofocus and Full HD video recording. On the front there’s an 8MP shooter with a wide angle lens as well.

It’s running Android 6 Marshmallow software, but Blu have confirmed to TechRadar it plans to upgrade it to Android 7 Nougat in the future.

Perhaps the highlight though is a feature called Fake Call, which allows you to press a button and soon receive a "phone call" from an unknown number to give you an excuse to get out of awkward situations.

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