There's a giant new Home Alone Lego set coming out just before Black Friday

Home Alone Lego
(Image credit: Lego)

Apparently the powers that be want us to care about Home Alone again – not only is a new movie coming out soon, but a Lego set based on the classic 1990 film has now been announced too.

As you can see in a listing on the Lego website, this new set has 3,955 pieces, and includes five minifigures... or six? The website lists five, but the images show six, confusingly.

The brunt of the kit is the house (y'know, the Home that's left Alone), including the intruders' van and a treehouse. The house can be opened up and it has loads of rooms featuring props and traps from the film itself.

This looks like a very intricate set, packed full of details and small additions – a tiny train set is our favorite addition. So those 3,955 bricks will be put to good use in a dense build, though it'll likely be better for older builders than little kids.

The set goes on sale from November 1, and you can't pre-order it before then. It costs $250 / £230, so it's expensive, but is far from the priciest Lego kit we've ever seen.

Analysis: just in time for Black Friday?

Lego has announced some pretty cool sets recently, with a giant Titanic replica launched just a few weeks ago.

The question on many peoples' minds will be 'could I get this kit in the Black Friday Lego deals?', as even 20% off this pricey set could constitute a decent saving.

It's possible, but we don't think it's too likely. The reason for this, is that the Home Alone Lego set is exclusive to Lego's website, and therefore won't be on sale at retailers like Amazon, Walmart or Target.

Lego does host its own Black Friday sales, but they're never as extensive as those done by other retailers – shops like Smyths in the UK or Walmart in the US are fantastic for plentiful, and substantial, Lego discounts.

We don't imagine Lego will discount its brand-new set, and with no other shops offering it, that likely means it won't get a price cut. 

This is almost definitely the case for the Lego Titanic too, as not only is it an exclusive set, it's coming even later than the Home Alone set, with a November 8 release date.

Black Friday 2021 will likely bring loads of discounts on Lego sets, especially on Technic, Star Wars and Creator kits, but we don't imagine Home Alone will be one of them.

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