The Witcher 3 for £6.99 is great news for Xbox Series X owners

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It's no secret that The Witcher 3 is one of the greatest RPGs of all time, let alone one of the greatest games of all time. It's set to get even better with next-gen upgrades – and this superb pre Black Friday deal could let you bag it at pocket money prices.

Over at CDKeys, you can pick up the standard edition of The Witcher 3 for just £6.99, while the Game of the Year edition is just £9.49.

The Witcher 3 - Xbox One: £6.99 @ CDKeys

The Witcher 3 - Xbox One: £6.99 @ CDKeys
One of the greatest games of all time at a truly bargain price on Xbox One. If you're planning on getting an Xbox Series X or S, it becomes an even better deal, as an incoming free upgrade to next-generation versions of the game not only offers graphical enhancements, but all DLC packs, too.

Want the DLC now? The Game of the Year edition is just £9.49, too.

Developer CD Projekt Red has announced plans to bring its monster-hunting RPG to the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with this complete edition including all the game's DLC, while taking advantage of the new horsepower of the incoming Sony and Microsoft machines, as well as advances in PC gaming hardware, too.

While a release date isn't set, CD Projekt Red promises a "range of visual and technical improvements" that will include "ray tracing and faster loading times."

What's key here is that, whatever version of the game you own, be that the standard edition or the Game of The Year Edition, you'll get the next-gen upgrade for free – and that includes access to all DLC packs, a CD Projekt Red spokesperson has confirmed.

So, by buying this Xbox One version, you can get the Series X or Series S version, and all DLC packs, absolutely free once the developers release the update. When that will be isn't clear yet, but in the time being you'll have the excellent current-gen version to play with, too, making this a fantastic bargain.

No need to toss another coin to your Witcher

CD Projekt Red has built a loyal fanbase thanks to its commitment to free updates for its games, and the way the company is going about this next-gen upgrade is similarly generous.

As the next-gen launches loom, the commitment from Sony and Microsoft to cross-gen play has been thoroughly confused by publishers setting all different kinds of stipulations, exceptions and fees to go with cross-platform versions of their games. CD Projekt Red's free upgrade is by comparison an excellent, pro-consumer move in both its simplicity – and its cost.

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